Enforce a limit for baby formula and demand legislation be change for exporting formula.

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Summary: Current shortages and bulk buyers sending it to China are making it extremely difficult for parents to buy the formula they need for their infants. Federal export laws need changing. Limits applied

Personal story: My name is Sarah. I am a 33 year old pregnant mother with a 7 month old baby. Being pregnant, I can no longer breastfeed, I decided to choose the best formula on the market for my baby. Every week I am in tears trying to find baby formula. 8 supermarkets and 6 chemists were visited today, including social media posts where my friends, family and strangers are helping me find just a tin at a time of formula. Every week, every day, people without babies are bulk buying this product, Only to advertise it online for 5 times the price. We are a family of soon to be 5, We can’t keep driving for hours a week to feed our babies. I have 2 weeks supply of formula, I have so many people all over Melbourne looking for me and in the same situation. The product I use is Aptimal pro futura. I’ve contacted the New Zealand company and found the New Zealand government already acted on this issue, their ministry of primary industry only allows travelling babies to leave the country with formula and have made formula exporting laws so tough, we need to follow suit.

The issue: Current shortages are making it extremely difficult for parents to buy the formula they need for their infants. Most supermarkets and chemists have imposed limits of the number of tins each customer can buy to prevent the shelves being cleared by bulk-buyers seeking to sell on formula overseas at massive profits. However, despite these limits, customers are frequently seen buying in bulk at Woolworths, cole amd chemist warehouse leaving nothing for others. Switching formula brands is not an option for many parents as babies can't digest all formulas equally and may have reflux or be lactose-intolerant. The prospect of not being able to feed your baby because you can't get the formula you need is extremely distressing and shouldn't happen in Australia. Parents are being forced to ring around supermarkets and chemists, alert each other on social media and drive long distances in search of formula. Much of this stress is preventable if a reasonable limit is enforced on the number of tins each customer can buy. So, come on Woolworths and Coles! Stop ignoring the needs of Aussie Parents and start enforcing a 2 tin per customer, per day limit on baby formula in all of your stores, at all times, to make it fair for everyone who needs it.

Take action! Parents are at their wits end. We need to feed our babies. If you have a baby, you know what’s going on. Please help me fix this issue for future parents. Mum and dad life is stressful enough, Let’s eleviate this stress, Let’s stop these people making a profit while our babies go without