Investigate the match-fixing scandal in the Ethiopian Football

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We want the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Ethiopia to investigate the ever-growing match-fixing scandals in the Ethiopian Football. Since the last matches of the last season's Ethiopian Premier League vast amount of matches are being fixed and corrupted. Many players and teams are playing below par, intentionally being sent off , and transgrating the values of the game.

Jimma Aba Bunna was the first victim of recent calcio-polis. And this year Electric was relegated with a totally immoral manner. The way Jimma, with all the due respect, has won the diadem is something sarcastic. A team that has not lost for nearly 60 matches with a goal deficit of 2 goals and played out an intense goalless draw with the runner up, Adama, has lost 5-0 to the Champions. Things are worse and will keep to get worser if something is not done.

Corrupted coaches, players, Club managers and Federation officials have reportedly created an anti-football dynasty which has made the exposing chance so hard. Even though clubs are caughting players red-handed they are with no confidence to report to the federation as they know the officials are also in the chain.

So we urge the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commussion of Ethiopia to deeply investigate the fraud and expose criminals who are the problem for the growth of the game. We also urge the federation, clubs, managers, players, fans, media and other stakeholders to engage and help the commission with all what they have and can.

We also ask the world football aficionados, Africans, Journalists, Football officials and all at to sign the petition and help the Ethiopian Football and support the football fans of Ethiopia who always are out with their numbers to support their teams regardless of the situations.