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Stop the Southeast Market Pipelines Project!

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Halt the Hillabee Expansion, Sabal Trail Transmission, and Southeast Connection Pipelines which collectively make up the Southeast Market Pipelines Project!

What is it?

The Southeast Market Pipelines Project is a three-part fracked-gas pipeline that will traverse 685 miles of land in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. This includes the Hillabee Expansion, Sabal Trail Transmission and Southeast Connection, and it is being funded by a plethora or infrastructure and energy corporations including Transco, Duke Energy, NextEra Energy, Spectra Energy, and Florida Power and Light.

Reasons to Oppose the Project

*Adding infrastructure to the destructive and dangerous fracking industry is a monumental mistake in regards to conservation and climate change.

*This pipeline traverses unstable geology prone to sinkhole activity that will undoubtedly lead to dangerous natural gas leaks.

*The acts of drilling and construction will directly impact the Floridian Aquifer, one of the largest natural aquifers in the world responsible for providing drinking water to 60% of Floridians as well as for the beautiful natural springs that Florida is known for.

*A natural gas leak would release methane, a greenhouse gas that is largely responsible for climate change, into our atmosphere. Natural gas is also explosive, and an unchecked leak could have devastating consequences.

*Approval by agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers among others have prompted the government to give private corporations the use of eminent domain to force landowners from their property.

*The risks associated with this project are plentiful and, frankly, unnecessary. Florida in particular has enormous potential for safe, renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Investing so much time and money into the fossil fuel industry rather than in renewables is reckless and irresponsible.

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