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Allow the Libertarian Candidate to Debate in the General Election.

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For the past several elections, American citizens have been given only two options. Republican or Democrat. Left or right. Black and white. This system has created a silent majority who do not side with either. Both parties simply do not care about the American voice. With a super delegate system that awards an unfavorable candidate and voterless elections amongst individual states. The founding fathers stated a two party system would be devastating, and now we are realizing it. Now we need more parties involved. Last election (2012), Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 1.1 million votes. That was the most votes the Libertarian party has every received. And most among those running as a third party in the last election. Gary Johnson is currently the front runner for the Libertarians, and most likely will get the nomination. But regardless of the consistent growth of the party, he will not be allowed on the debate stage with the Republican and Democratic runners. It's time for that to change. We must bound together, and show the FEC that there are more than two parties in the United States. If the Libertarians are allowed to participate, this will create a domino effect and give way to other lesser known groups to flourish. We cannot continue to be only presented two options. It's time for a change. Please take the time and sign this petition. Let it be known that we won't stand for the tired games politicians continue to play on us. Let us have a voice we can get behind. Thank you.

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