Investigate Atlantic Records

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As an active social media participant and an avid listener of radio stations, it is disheartening to see the blatant bias in various radio stations to certain musicians. 

This petition is demanding that the Federal Bureau of investigation and the Federal Communications Commission launch an investigation into the practices of Atlantic Records. More specifically, into their fraudulent practice of paying radio stations for plays; paying consumers for opinions; and paying certain companies to bash musical competitors. 

This practice known as payola creates an unfair playing field for artists. Consumers should decide who succeeds or fails; not record labels. This is simply fraud as the more money a record label pays for plays, the more money they will make in the end.

Listeners to radio stations for example, deserve to know beforehand whether music they are listening to were chosen because of consumer popularity or because a company paid the station to play it. 

This is a serious issue as it affects the integrity of the music industry. It makes all radio stations homogeneous and radio stations who accepts bribery gets “extra” money that may not be declared in taxes. I.e tax evasion 

Take a minute to sign this petition as the fate of the music Industry depends on it. As consumers, we deserve to have a choice. Certain artists should not be pushed down our throat simply because their record label can afford to pay for plays.