Justice for Jahseh D Onfroy “xxxtentacion”

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On June 18, 2018 Jahseh was followed almost all of his day from the bank,  to the Riva Motersports motercycle dealership upon leaving around 3:55 Onfroy was boxed in by a car that drove out in front of him at a stop sign it is alleged that two armed men jumped out of the car approached Jahseh in his vehicle had a brief struggle/argument and reached inside his car and robbed him for a “Louis Vuitton Bag” than shot Onfroy not once but multiple times and he died shortley after . 

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since this unfortunate murder of Jahseh Onfroy leaving behind nearly 14 million devastated,distraught,grieving,confused fans as well as family all still mourning from the rappers death. All still unclear on facts answers and overall circumstances surrounding his murder. 

The past few months leading up to Jahseh murder he had some altercations with a highly famous Canadian world wide known rapper known as Drake. Sometime back  in February Jahseh posted on his Instagram live story “ IF ANYONE TRIES TO KILL ME IT WAS @(rappers Drake Instagram name) IM SNITCHING RIGHT NOW” later he went to post that he was hacked and that the two had squashed the beef they had. 

Many of his fans are now all over many social media platforms expressing the strange coincidences in corresponding rap lyrics from a new album that was released on June 29th,2018  from the rapper he previously had beef with along with rap lyrics from a song released in February of this year .

Such lyrics are as quoted “told them that we put that shit behind us but I lied”( the two suppossedly ended the beef) , “this is real life niggas think we playing chess so what’s next? Jump up out the bed like I’m possessed I go out on tour and say I’m drinking less end up getting pictures from my ex SMS TRIPLE X THATS THE ONLY TIME I EVER SHOOT BELOW THE NECK , WHY YOU KEEP ON SHOOTIN IF YOU KNOW THAT NIGGA DEAD? That’s the only kind of shit that gets you some respect” (triple “x” xxxtentacion who was shot multiple times) 

These next lyrics are from the June 29th release dated album “ aye sick of these niggas hire some help get rid of these niggas” , “Louis bags in exchange for body bags yeah “ ( Jahseh was robbed for his Louis bag not his car or his jewelry ) “ I fuck with the mob I got ties lotta ties knock you off to pay their tithes” in earlier songs rapper drake has rapped lyrics like “ I ain’t the type to murder you I’m more the type to plan it “

Some fans of the rival rapper and maybe even other people might say this is a conspiracy I don’t think this is this seems like a conclusion based off of pure facts right in front of are face facts and logic at that .

This petition is to serve as a voice for an independent investigation into the murder of Jahseh Onfroy. We all want justice served putting hits out for a murder of some one at the tender age of 20 years old over some music industry beef is really heartbreaking and docent give proper justice sure you can put the men behind bars who was an accomplice and committed the murder but justice will not be served fully until the person behind all this is proven at fault.


”The saddest part about xxxtentacion’s death is knowing that he spent most of his life depressed and sucidial- but as soon as he was finally turning his life around, making a name for himself, and having a positive outlook on life, he gets it taken away from.”-@dimmadougsdale

Each and every signature matters lets end this music industry back door dealings let’s get this heard .


Video is of Jahsehs last message . ):

Rest in peace Jahseh you will be missed gone but never forgetten.














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