Parking at the hospitals in Canada should be free

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Health care is a basic right for everyone, and people should not have to pay extra unfair parking fees at the hospitals, as most of the time patients and their families might already be going through financial hardships in their lives due to some unforeseen circumstances that may cause them to not be able to continue to work in these unfortunate situations. Especially at times when people have the stress of going through a hard time in their life, such as being sick themselves or even having a loved one that is sick or dying and require various treatments for chronic illnesses and injuries, they do not need to carry this extra financial burden and stress of paying these hefty parking fees at the hospitals. Some people might say or believe that, these fees bring revenue to the hospitals, but generating revenue from someone's misery is very senseless, selfish and unfair. We already pay more than enough taxes to make sure our health care is well funded. These parking fees may generate some revenue for the hospitals but most money goes to the big corporations and to pay the staff who go around to give people tickets. I see a great number of patients everyday and their loved ones having to worry about their parking meter times and running to put more money into the meter, when their family or friends are in the hospital and may be fighting a battle of life or death. Having to witness this daily while working, for the last 14 years is heartbreaking and pushes me to want to help in any way I can. I have personally faced a similar situation in my life, when my loved one was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and was given 2 months to live. Our life was already scattered, and we were having a very tough time. We went to the cancer agency and as we proceeded to the parking lot, we realised we needed money for the parking. We were already torn apart and broken with everything that was going on. Having to run around to find the ATM machine was not any help, and as this was back in 2008, they did not accept credit cards. At this moment I was thinking, how unjust and selfish of an action it to be taking money from people who at that moment in time needs the most help they can get. We ended up having to pay more and more money just for parking for the next 2 1/2 years during our hardship, and I knew that others just like us were having to do the same, which is a saddening thought. This happened to us in other situations with other family members and I have seen the same thing happening again and again to many people. As I see this, I always think that someone needs to act as these unfair fees are increasing regularly. I have talked to many people who paid anywhere from $700-$1300 or more just in hospital parking fees for just one individual given their illness, injury or length of their hospital stay and so on. This number is not just a number in one case, it's the average for many. This must end, so please support me and many Canadians by signing this petition as this is the least, we can do for our fellow Canadian citizens who need our help at their times of hardship. Please sign and share this petition as much as you can so we can hope that, changes will be made and that and that one-day hospital parking will be free. Thank You.