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Stop ag-gag laws in Australia

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Last month, the NSW state government released a proposoal for a new "legal biosecurity framework" to "protect farmers against illegal footage and trespassing".

This follows a series of incidents where animal welfare advocates trespassed onto animal farms such as piggeries and dairy farms to obtain footage to shed light onto the horrific treatment of animals in these premises. Activists rely heavily on footage to expose cases of animal abuse and provide much needed protection to animals.

This law would basically allow intensive farming practices to continue torturing animals while completely hiding their crimes from the public.

I am urging you to please sign my petition to send to the Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and NSW Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson telling them to stop the development of this law. This law is open for public comment until the 27th of June, so I am hoping to collect as many signatures as possible before then.

If the animal industries had nothing to hide, they would allow consumers and concerned members of the public to visit their facilities and document what happens in them. Have you ever wondered why we have never heard of a fruit farmer concerned about people observing their farming practices or why nobody is trying to collect footage or trespass onto their properties? 

Instead of making it illegal for activists to "trespass" onto these properties, animal farms should by law allow members of the public to visit their farms and make informed decisions. Consumers have a RIGHT to know where their products come from. And animals have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. The animal farming industries need to be held accountable for their actions. This law would prevent all of these things from happening.

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