Stop Featherstone Academy from breaking tradition and changing to a Rugby Union playing School.

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Featherstone is an ex mining town with a long Rugby League tradition.  Featherstone Academy part of the Rodillian Multi Academy trust have decided to break this tradition and start playing rugby union in school.  Children at this school are being forced to play Rugby Union instead of Rugby League even though they have no interest. This is a change that Featherstone Rovers, Featherstone Lions, Featherstone Town Council and parents are fully opposed to.  Formally Featherstone high,  this school has always played Rugby League.  This change also denies the year 7 children the opportunity of playing at Wembley before the challenge cup final. The head teacher and Rodillian Trust should respect the history and culture of the community, not be against it. Please sign this petition if you agree that this school should continue with this tradition of playing Rugby League and help produce the rugby league talent of the future for this town.