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Fear Hurts Health: End Fear-Driven 'Health Adverts'.

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The brain records everything, including 'health promotions' delivering subliminal 'beware messages' with the power to suppress the immune system - the very system designed to avoid, heal and overcome ALL chronic disease (including cancer).

Subliminal messaging is efficient, why else would businesses spend millions on advertising fully aware that few people will pay conscious attention.

Fear-driven health advertisements subliminally WARN of physical disease and fragility - but FAIL to acknowledge the immense strength and mind-boggling resilience of the human body; instead, they silently communicate (predict) "It could be you!'

Reader, please fast-forward twenty years and intuitively look back. If your gut agrees that linking fear with health is not the wisest of choices, please speak up by adding your signature.

With blessing and thanks,

Ainslie Sheldan



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