FDA: Please expedite NUROWN Treatment for ALS Patients

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My husband David is suffering from ALS - or Motor Neuron Disease. There is no cure and currently no effective treatment to slow down the progression of this horrific disease which destroys the body's neurons leaving the patient trapped in a lifeless body. We have a young family of three daughters and we cannot lose Dave without a fight!

There is a treatment called NurOwn that is at stage 3 of clinical trials - it is the first ALS treatment that is showing decent results. Some people who have been in the studies have reported impressive improvements in their health and muscle function.

With this stem-cell treatment, fathers, husbands and sons like Dave have a real shot at living longer with their families.

We call on President Donald Trump and the FDA to make this treatment available to everyone by expediting the clinical trials process. Stage 3 means it has passed tests that make it safe for humans  - we are wasting valuable time having to wait for the stage 3 trials to be completed.

Please sign our petition - if every ALS sufferer had this chance so many lives could be extended to make memories with their families. Thank you. 

Please follow our story on Facebook at Live Fast, Take Chances.

Also, we have set-up a Go Fund Me to help our family with the enormous, crippling costs that ALS brings. We would appreciate any help no matter how small! Thank you all so much!