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Faure must go! #BEFRIA TOGO!!!!!!

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Hello dear readers!

I want to enlighten you about the awful and very sad situation in Togo.
There are ongoing demonstrations in Togo since 2005, but the biggest demonstrations have been in september and october 2017.
The people of Togo are tired of 50 years in dictatorship and oppression. Current president Faure Gnassingbé succeeded his father Eyadéma Gnassingbé in 2005 by election fraud.
The father Eyadéma came to power in 1967 by the killing of Sylvanus E. Olimpio in year 1963.
The president lives in luxury while many of Togo residents live in poverty.
He demands tax money that does not benefit the society, but it only benefits their own wallets.
The government had turned off mobile internet so the family and relatives in Togo could not be reached after the night to the September 6th, the day before a demonstration. For 6 days the people in Togo had no connection with the outside world. This is a crime against the freedom of speech which is the opposite of democracy.
They refuse broadcasts of the demonstrations and they turn off mobile internet so that the inhabitants of Togo don't have connection with rest of the world.
They shoot tear gas, kidnapp, torture, imprison and kill the protesters to silence them. The killings are still ongoing. They even kill children! Hundreds of people have been murdered under the president's rule and noone has been convicted of the murders. They have a list of people that they are looking for as a plan to murder them, for example the president of the PNP called Tikpi Atchadam and journalists. The son of Sylvanus Olimpio,Gilchrist Olympio  who is a politician lived in exile  for many years because he feared that the president and the regime will kill him as they killed his father.
They break into people's homes to shoot teargas, kidnap and physically assault them and then imprison them. This is a crime against human rights. Everything is on youtube, twitter and facebook. They have imprisoned 80 people after the demonstrations against Togo's president and they haven't released all of them. The children of Togo are scared for their life, they run from school to home because fear of being killed or kidnapped. People are locked inside and they fear going out because of the regime of Faure Gnassingbé even the elders, children and women are not safe. People are fleeing from the cities to the woods because of fear.
I want to enlighten you and I beg you to sign the petition.
The people in Togo need your help and support. The goal is that Faure Gnassingbé resign his position as president and that he gets convicted of all the murders that have been comitted during his years as Togo's president.The people in Togo need real democracy, elections without fraud and a president who cares about the inhabitants and who strive for a positive development of the society especially in health care and education, a president who is not a human right abuser and a murderer. The people in Togo are tired at the family Gnassingbé. Togo is suppose to be a country of republic and not monarchy.

Below this text is a link to the movie called Liberate Togo, which is a collection of images about the revolt. Please watch and share the video and this petition to your family, relatives, friends, collegues, neighbours and all kinds of  acquaintances. Togo needs your help!

There are two videos with a collection of images of the victims that have been murdered by the regime of Faure Gnassingbé. Most of them were just in their teens. The youngest one was just  9 years old. Abdoulaye Yacoubou was shot in the chest, 6th September 2017 in the city Mango. Resently a boy named Abdul Djalil was murdered 6th of December 2017. He died from hemorrhage and shock by a deep knife injury. The injury was so deep that his intestines poured out. To watch the videos click on the two links below this text: OBS Warning for sensitive viewers!

Don't be silent or passive! Togo needs your help, please! It's urgent! For each day that passes by the number of victims increases! When you sign your name you will remain anonymous. Noone will be able to identify you, not even me the creator of this petition. Your information: name and localisation will be anonymous. 

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