Let Gabby go to the team bonding sleepover

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By signing this petition, you support Gabby going to the team bonding sleepover. Gabrielle made a bad mistake in coming home after curfew due to the fact her phone was dead and she forgot to check the time when she was watching a movie with Rose. Gabby has deeply apologized for her actions and feels bad due to the fact that she broke one of the main house rules. But, if Gabby cannot go to the team sleepover, she will be excluded from many inside jokes and information that would've been told on that one night. Without team bonding, Gabby will be a subject to bullying by her fellow teammates due to one night of being left out. If Gabby gets bullied, her grades will drop, "a one-point increase on the four-point bullying scale was associated with a 1.5-point decrease in GPA for one academic subject." (Wolport, 1). Overall, Gabby is an amazing daughter that has a lot going for her and supports her school soccer team tremendously. By letting her go to the sleepover, you don't have to deal with her for one night and feed her. Team bonding has scientifically proven to boost engagement, foster friendships, improve communication skills, and improve creativity (Brady, 1). Please let Gabby go to the team sleepover on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, and she will be eternally grateful.