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Bring back the old TV Tropes!

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It's called "TV Tropes," not "Wikirenames" or "Wikinamespaces" or whatever.

TV Tropes is not Wikipedia, like it used to say on its main page. The statement "We are not Wikipedia" died down somehow in 2011 when all the renames, deletions, namespaces, etc. started invading the site. It's supposed to be a fan-driven website, you know, a website made by fans of media for fans of everything. Now it's being destroyed and butchered by good-for-nothing admins who don't care about the site's goal. All they do is slap namespaces on workpages, deface good tropes with useless Trope Repair Shops, suspend innocent tropers, and try to get rid of YMMV and subjective tropes for no good reason. Here's what we want them to do:

1. Revive old, deleted tropes
2. Move all non-adaptations/namesakes back to the Main/ namespace (unless the admins disagree)
3. Bring back Troper Tales, Fetish Fuel, Stock Phrases, and the strikethrough markup feature
4. Keep YMMV and other subjective stuff from falling under Flame Bait/Darth Wiki/Sugar Wiki or dying
5. Stop blanking out self-explanatory or character-related examples as "zero context"
6. Stop abusing example indentation (i.e. merging sub-examples into their own parent examples)
7. Stop splitting little folders into subpages
8. Change the "notes" markup back to "hottips" (unless the admins disagree)
9. Stop butchering the source markup
10. Quit renaming tropes
11. Unsuspend tropers who repeatedly tried to apologize
11. Allow back anonymous editing (unless the admins disagree)

To those who are supporting this: Send negative messages to and their PM along with these heartless, namespace-grubbing nazi editors on TV Tropes (or have their accounts shut down for spamming the site forever):

And get these Administrivia articles removed from the site as well: (And all of its subpages)

That's about it. Let's put pressure on these admins and convince them to change TV Tropes back to the way it was in 2004-2010!

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