National Strike to Restore Our Economic Liberties

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The current COVID-related mask mandates, social distancing, curfews, and lockdowns across America have willfully violated the laws of nature. At no other time in human history has the entire world destroyed the economic and financial survivability of the healthy in order to protect the vulnerable few. Societies used sanatoriums and nursing homes with strict guidelines to safeguard the elderly, and they relied on the individual to assess his or her risk before conducting potentially unsafe activity. Moreover, disease vectors such as hospitals required rigid adherence to sterilization and cleanliness protocols.

Poverty, suicide, drug addiction, homelessness, unemployment and despair have all been increased not because of Coronavirus, but demonstrably due to the over-reactions to said virus by bureaucrats. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of small businesses – the heart and soul of America – have been offlined, many never to return. Politicians have denoted Big Corporations as essential and Small Businesses as non-essential and by doing so have siphoned the wealth of the People of America into the hands of a few billionaire oligarchs.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi both understood that Satyagraha – peaceful, civil resistance – to injustice is an appropriate measure of effecting change by a spirited populace. When the People are facing a tyranny of the magnitude that forces their own destitution and that of posterity, it is their God-given right – their moral duty – to resist. A refusal to do so will tragically result in a growing wealth disparity between the Haves and Have-Nots and less Liberty for all but the Privileged Few.

Now, therefore, I appeal to the farmers, truckers, plumbers, restauranteurs, electricians, and all other salt of the Earth professions to refuse to serve any government or Big Business that destroys the livelihoods of the Many in order to enrich the Few, unless and until they return to pre-COVID governance, permanently. Our human dignity must be reinstated, no exceptions. Refuse to deliver to corporate supermarkets on your routes. Eschew contracts with governments that impoverish your neighbors through draconian lockdowns and curfews. Avoid transportation to cities where your lives are put at risk by the increasing crime due to overzealous health officials’ mandates. Open your small businesses back up to the public and let them choose whether or not to frequent your establishment.

One item that previous civil rights movements lacked was a unifying symbol, something that denoted an informal bond between adherents of the cause. The fleur-de-lis is a symbol that permeates human culture – from the ancient Indians to modern-day France – due to its appeal to duty, purity, and wisdom. Let this again represent the emblem by which our brothers and sisters of the entire human race unite to restore our natural rights to life, liberty, and property. Display a simple image of a royal blue fleur-de-lis on your tractor, truck, or storefront window to identify yourself as a member of this peaceful movement.