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Encourage the USDA to start regulating factory farms

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Factory farming is the industrial process where the products produced from animals are obtained in an inhumane way and by mass production. It involves unethical acts that lead to animal cruelty because the animals are often abused and intensely confined to benefit the large corporations. The animals are forced to live in tightly-packed enclosures, which creates unsanitary conditions and leads to animal cruelty. The unethical treatments that factory farmers practice on animals causes the animal to experience a psychological form of distress. Studies have shown that animals can feel pain in different levels of intensity and stress. However, there are no federal laws in the U.S. that protect farm animals from cruelty. Therefore, it is important that we, as a community, must raise awareness about the importance of protecting the welfare of the farm animals. The USDA should be more responsible for regulating the unethical practices in factory farms instead of just focusing on the regulation of food production and slaughter houses.
Check out this video for an insight about the unethical treatments practiced on farm animals:

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