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Better Supervision and Treatment of Animals on Farms

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Nearly 10 billion farm animals each year suffer through horrible conditions that would leave the everyday consumer horrified. The conditions of these factory farms are negatively affecting not only the animals, but the consumers as well, with nearly 73,000 cases of illness each year in the United States alone. The only way to get things to change is to fight for better treatment and supervision of animals on factory farms.

Facts about meat in the U.S. :

- 99% of the meat comes from factory farms.
- More than 80% of antibiotics produced were fed to livestock. These antibiotics can contribute to the rise of superbugs- deadly aniyibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

Companies to be aware of:

- Tyson Food
- Blue Bell Creameries (ice cream company that has had 10 illness and 3 deaths in the last  10 tens due to its products) (listeria outbreak)
Kapowsin Meats Inc (salmonella outbreak just this summer!! recalled 12,000 pounds of pork)
- Adams Farm (meat slaughterhouse that ships along the east coast including New York. Just this September they recalled their beef, veal and bison because of E.coli outbreak)
- Taylor Farms Pacific (meat shipped to companies like Costco. 7 Eleven, Save-mart, Target, Walmart and Sams Club) (E. Coli outbreak)
- Chipotle (many people got sick last year and while they can’t tell you what exactly made them sick it was definitely an ingredient in the chicken they use)
- Wolverine Packing  Co. (beef used nationwide, outbreak of E.Coli, recalled over 1.8 million pounds of beef in 2014)
- ConAgra Foods (used with companies like Healthy Choice, found guilty of health code violations, bacterial contamination of meat. in 2003 it was revealed that they had been positing Americans with e.coli tainted beef for two years
- Literally almost every fast-food company out there (they use antibiotics in their meat, including: Burger King, Wendy's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, IHOP, Subways, KFC, and even Olive Garden)
- Gray Ridge Egg Farms
- Seaboard Foods

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