New FULL SIZE Basketball Court for Kaikohe

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Tired of larger townships receiving OUR communities’ resources? So are WE! We love OUR Kaikohe! Please support us to stake our claim to ENHANCE our own children’s health, wellbeing, development and futures.

According to Sports New Zealand, basketball numbers are on the rise and they have not seen this many interested numbers since the 90's. The New Zealand Basketball Association also claim that the increasing numbers are ASTOUNDING and are STILL on the rise.   A national crisis has occurred where there are no longer enough courts to satisfy the demand, hence our plea to secure this resource for our own community.

Closer to home, there are numerous students within each of our kura that currently perform at a high level of Basketball and have been proudly selected to represent Ngapuhi in other regions and countries. Basketball is steadily growing within Kaikohe and we are proud of our children’s performance and dedication to the sport.

Please read the full summary below to see how YOU can make a change for your child, children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren.…

Our town has been publicly painted in a negative way, for far too long. Sadly, in one description penned in the news media just recently; it was reported “When you’re from Kaikohe, people don’t expect much”.  Together we can make a difference and reclaim the mana of our beautiful town by working collectively towards generating solutions for the voiced concerns within our own area.

To date, Memorial Park is a recreational environment made for skateboarding, cycling and scooters. It also contains a multi-function playground. Everyday this Park is utilized by local children to play and connect with whanau and others. What we propose, may seem like a very small step towards generating change, however we believe that any small step towards a solution is a great feat.

We ventured around and spoke to many young people and their whanau within our town to ask what a ‘purposeful park would look like’ to them. In the feedback provided, it was expressed that they were happy with some of the current structures yet stated that a full basketball court would be most valuable as our community does not have access to a full court free of charge. They also shared that they would utilize this resource regularly.

The goal of this petition is to gather signatures to Improve and Enhance Memorial Park by utilizing the undeveloped portion of the Park to include a full Basketball court. With enough support, we believe we can convince the Council to help us with a phased approach at creating this developed park. We need at least 500 signatures to make this change. Please help us to make a change for the future of our children. Thank you.