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UPDATE 2015: Things seem to be OK?

As you probably can see, is back, seemingly permanently. Technically FFG have never authorized its return though, and are yet to release the promised official Acceptable Use Policy. 

UPDATE 24th September 2014: Good News!

In an email to a Netrunner fan group, when asked about Deckbuilders, FFG answered: 'Right now, the answer to all these is no, but we’ll be putting up an Acceptable Use Policy in the near future.'

So hang on tight, we might have some ground rules to follow soon. And who knows, we might even get back if it can be modified to comply with these rules.

(read more about this here



UPDATE 18th September 2014: is gone.

This means we've also lost a few other resources that depended on it: the netrunner card lookup plugins for Chrome and Firefox, and iPad app NetDeck. Also is crippled, and the iPad app NRTM is diminished slightly (cannot auto-fill identity names anymore).

A very sad day for the netrunner community. Hopefully FFG have some plans to replace these much-loved resources.


Dear FFG, is the premiere Android Netrunner card database, deck builder, and community hub.

It provides substantial, unique value to the community:
- as the primary community deck sharing & discussion website
- as a mobile-friendly deckbuilding site
- as a card database that supports many other community resources (including the best tournament running software we have, the iPad app NRTM)

It substantially improves our enjoyment of your game Android Netrunner, without discouraging buying the physical cards in any way.


We understand that you recommend we use the FFG-owned site instead. However, is substantially easier to use on any computer, works on mobile phones while does not, and provides valuable community features that does not. So switching to is not an easy choice for us.


Additionally, arbitrarily issuing cease-and-desist letters to fansites without clarifying what is and is not acceptable will have a chilling effect on the development of future fan sites. These fan sites that augment the game and create places for community to gather are providing immense value to FFG by building a stronger fan base and making the game more inviting to potential new players. Shutting down existing fan sites and discouraging new sites from forming will limit the growth and success of the game.

FFG, please work with the creator of to find some arrangement by which they can continue to run the site (while still taking what precautions you need to protect your IP). And please clarify these rules so future fan projects can be created with confidence of your blessing.


Android Netrunner Fans.

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