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let's bring back the old fantage people!! sure, fantage now has some cool things now that it didn't have before, but I believe we can all agree that the old fantage was the best. i'm talking the early 2010's!! i miss all the old places, like zack's academy, and all the extra parts of the carnival, the dock, and the forest!! also, mymall who?? the only good uptown shops i know are trade n sell and vintage clothing/vintage gold D; and what about the old celebrations?? don't you miss summer camp out, holiday blowout 2013, theater week, etc? cause i sure do man!! where did the days go where we would fight over who would buy the single basketball hair, cool cat hair, blonde bombshell hair, animated frisky blonde or the delicate brown (flower crown) hair, instead of fighting over how many boyfs you have or how much 'ceox' you've had in the past week?? 

come on my old fantagians, join with me and the old, but always (fantage) gold community of fantage, to bring it back!! 

let's weba the traditions of old fantage and kjs the new fantage goodbye! because i believe that with everyone's help, we can relive the memories of the good fantage times! LET'S GO!!