Maintain the right to choose what happens to your children

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There is a horrible and disgusting petition going around trying to remove the right to refuse vaccines by forcing non-vaxxed families to enroll in homeschooling.  Essentially removing their right to a public school education. 

What if you've had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, or your child had one to the vaccine? To bad you must continue with vaccine schedule or your kid can't go to public school.

My child had a vaccine injury to her first round of vaccines,  it was reported and recorded by Fraser Health.  At that point I had to decide : risk causing some possible and irreversible damage to my baby or stop or change our vaccine schedule.  This womans petition is trying to remove the right to make that decision

Now I'm not saying vaccines are bad, don't vaccinate etc etc. All I am saying is that parents should maintain the right to chose what happens to their children.

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