Request Dallas Juveniles Be Tried As Adults for Multiple Armed Robberies and Auto Theft

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On July 22nd at approximately 12:35am, Caroline and Garrett Scharton were walking their dog near Kessler Heights, across from Rosemont Primary School. They were robbed at gunpoint by 6 criminals. The video is incredibly violent and graphic.  

Link to video:

A total of six juvenile suspects were later arrested in Mesquite, TX after police say they committed four armed robberies (including a 63 year old pizza delivery driver) in a crime spree. They were arrested with numerous loaded guns in the wrecked, stolen vehicle after leading police on a 100 mph chase. 

The Schartons met with the detective for the case where they were told that it was unlikely that these criminals will receive anything more than probation, if that.

In some cases, juveniles have received probation for murder. That is a disgrace. 

The mother of one of these criminals reached out to the Schartons with both apologies and anger. She wants justice for the victims and serious jail time for her son. She is willing to testify against her son, as this was not his first offense. He was only recently released and has already committed numerous premeditated first and second degree felonies in a violent crime spree, including but not limited to: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of several stolen firearms, grand theft auto, and armed robbery.

"The Dallas County Juvenile System has a long history of being very lenient on juvenile criminals, which has resulted in continued criminal offenses, and unfortunately continued Dallas County victims." 

"The Juvenile DA (District Attorney) often rejects some cases even where there is enough probable cause and evidence; if they don't think they can win-they often reject it."

These quotes to WFAA come from the Mike Mata, the president of the Dallas Police Association. He stated that all too often, violent juvenile cases don't get prosecuted and end with suspects getting only probation. 

The police have absolutely no question as to guilt or innocence in this case. They are certain. There is video, audio, multiple victims, and the victims’ stolen property was found in these criminals’ possession.

This was not an accident or an innocent mistake. This was a cold, calculated crime spree perpetrated by criminals which could have resulted in serious injury or death.

The victims remain eternally grateful to the Dallas and Mesquite Police Departments for their swift and safe action in apprehending these criminals. As the DPD is currently severely understaffed (800 officers short), the citizens of Dallas realize this very easily could have ended much worse.

This can happen to you. It’s happening all over the city of Dallas. Victims across the Dallas metroplex have reached out to the Schartons and shared their experiences of similar violent juvenile crimes, often involving a firearm and very lenient sentencing.

No one in Dallas is safe if violent juvenile offenders are set free with little to no consequence.

DA Faith Johnson, Chief of Juvenile Division Rhonda Hunter, and our Juvenile Judges must take action. We need to protect the citizens of Dallas as opposed to releasing criminals with a slap on the wrist. We should not have to fear walking out our front doors and being attacked.

We respectfully ask that the parties in the DA's office and courts please complete and submit a petition for discretionary transfer and approve for all applicable offenders. We also ask for maximum sentencing for any criminal not eligible for adult certification.

It is time that the judicial system takes these violent juvenile cases seriously.

If they are are old enough to obtain illegal firearms, wield them in our citizens’ faces, steal a vehicle from a young father, and rob and assault multiple victims in one night; then they are old enough to be held accountable for their actions.