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In July 2009, the State of Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation authorizing towns in the state to allow golf carts on roads, with certain restrictions.  Under the legislation, local traffic authorities are allowed to set regulations for golf carts on roads with a speed limit of 25 mph or lower, and the carts cannot be driven at night, and operators must have a driver's license. 

Many beach communities have embraced this unique opportunity — a staple in communities down south — and worked with their local police departments to create a golf cart program. If you’ve ever been to the Indian Town or Cornfield Point communities of Old Saybrook, Connecticut or Pine Orchard in Branford, Connecticut you will see successful programs in action. Ask the residents there, golf carts are an integral part of their communities given their many benefits. 

Let’s do the same for Fairfield Beach!  Please sign our petition so that we can begin to work with First Selectman Tetreau and Fairfield Police Chief MacNamara to create such a program for the Fairfield Beach, making our wonderful beach community even better. The below image provides the proposed areas of use, but is subject to change during creation of the new program, if approved. 

If you’re wondering why this is beneficial, besides being fun, there many benefits to such a program, including: 

  • Reducing traffic and creating a proven calming effect on speeding in our neighborhoods, which poses danger to our children who often play in the street due to having small yards. 
  • Reduces motor vehicle emissions supporting cleaner air in the community.
  • Cuts-down on annual fuel costs, improving the environment since golf carts are electric powered. 
  • Creates community, as regular drives will create connection across the entire beach area.
  • Provides easier access to many of town beaches and marina, without driving.
  • Provides convenience with taking items to the beach, such as umbrellas and coolers, which is idea for beach area residents that live further than 2 to 3 blocks from the beach. 
  • Reduces parking issues at the town beach as residents can drive their golf carts instead of cars.
  • Creates benefit for local shop owners in the area as residents will be more likely to frequent their locations — instead of driving into town, also reducing traffic in town. 
  • Increases mobility for the elderly and others who have difficulty getting around.
  • Creates revenue for the town since golf carts will need to be registered with associated fees
  • Supports beach events such as 1/2 marathons and 5Ks who will use golf carts, instead of cars to better run their events. 
  • Increases property value due to the reasons above, and because it adds a local uniqueness that other towns will admire. 

We need your support to create the needed influence to establish such a program. Please, sign the petition and pass along to your friends. 

DRAFT Ordinance

(subject to further revisions based on neighborhood and Police Commission feedback)

1. The Town of Fairfield shall permit operation of a golf cart on the following public roads set forth below within the Town of Fairfield that have a maximum permissible speed of twenty-five (25) miles per hour:

Alden Street
Ann Street
Avalon Court
Baldwin Terrace
Bay Edge Court
Beach Road
Benson Place
Birch Road
Blaine Street
Carlton Street
Carlynn Drive
Catherine Street
Catherine Terrace
Charles Street
Clinton Street
College Place
Colonial Drive
Concord Street
Craig Court
Craig Place
Crescent Road
Cummings Avenue
Dunhill Road
Dwight Street
Eleonor Terrace
East Paulding Road
East Paulding Street
Eastlawn Street
Edward Street
Ennis Lane
Eunice Avenue
Fairfield Beach Road
Fern Street
Field Point Drive
Forest Avenue
Fox Street
French Street
Gorham Road
Gould Avenue
Hollis Street
Horace Court
Howard Street
Hurd Street
James Street
Jarvis Court
Judson Road
Lalley Boulevard
Lighthouse Point
Lind Street
Longdean Road
Mariners Way
Meadow Court
Mellow Street
Michaela Circle
Millard Street
Milton Street
Mona Terrace
Myren Street
Narrow Street
Newton Street
Newell Place
Nichols Street
Norcliff Lane
Ocean Reef Drive
Old Dam Road
Old Dam Road East
Old Orchard Park
Old Post Road
Oldfield Drive
Oldfield Road
One Rod Highway
Oyster Road
Paul Place
Paulding Street
Penfield Place
Penfield Road
Peter Court
Pilgrim Lane
Pine Creek Avenue
Pratt Street
Puritan Road
Quincy Street
Reef Court
Reef Road
Rhoda Avenue
Richard White Way
Risley Road
Riverside Drive
Robson Place
Rowland Road
Ruane Street
Sandy Way
Sherman Court
Sherman Street
Smith Street
Somerville Street
South Benson Road
South Pine Creek (south of South Meadow Road only)
Southport Terrace
Sunnie Holme Drive
Town Hall Green
Turney Road
Veres Street
West Morgan Avenue
Welch Terrace
Whetstone Hill Court


 2. The operation of a golf cart on such public roads shall be permitted during the hours of one half hour after sunrise and one-half hour before sunset from Memorial Day to Labor Day. No golf carts shall be driven on the  permitted public roads of the Town of Fairfield, unless the following requirements are satisfied by the owner or operator of the golf cart;

a) The golf cart shall be equipped with an operable horn in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes ß 14-80;

b) The golf cart shall be equipped with a flag, in such a position that it is visible by other motor vehicle operators;

c) The operator of the golf cart shall have and carry a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator’s license while operating the golf cart and be eighteen years of age or older; 

d) The owner of the golf cart must maintain proper insurance on the golf cart if required by the Department of Motor Vehicles;

e) The golf cart shall be electric powered only;

 f) The seating capacity shall not be exceeded nor shall the operator or any passenger be permitted to stand while the golf cart is in operation;

 f) No person shall be permitted to operate a golf cart on designated public roads without first obtaining a permit that is valid for a period of three years, inspection for compliance and a sticker from the Parks and Recreation Department. The sticker must be adhered to the back of the golf cart in a visible manner; and

 g) Golf carts may only be parked in the same manner and at the same places designated for parking of motor vehicles. The stopping, standing, or parking of golf carts in areas where parking is not allowed or in any place that impede the flow of traffic, pedestrian walkways, or a passageway is prohibited.


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