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Prevent the City of Fairfield from destroying the Rotary Skatepark (Allan Witt Skatepark)

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The city of Fairfield has begun planning to drastically change the image of Allan Witt Park located in between West Texas and Woolner in Fairfield , CA. The plans include revamping the parking layout, rearranging baseball fields, it suggests a location for food trucks , a dog park, and even pickle ball courts! ( according to a 2015 news article I found " Americas Fastest Growing New Sport " )  Now this is all good and well I also couldn't help but notice neither of the two current plans suggest there will be a skatepark there any more after these proposed changes take place.

When I was growing up in Fairfield I remember helping raise money for that skate park, a lot of my friends and acquaintances did something in some way or another to help show the city that there was a demand for a skate park in our city.
Growing up skateboarding in Fairfield without a park, I remember constantly being hassled by business owners and police for skating in their parking lots. After the park was created with the help from people at the Rotary Club and Generous donators like Billy and Louise Yarbrough, the people of Fairfield finally had a place they could call their own and skate at without having to worry about that.

Now sadly the city has seemed to have deemed the park as useless and expendable. The fact of the matter is the park is still in very good condition and serves many aspiring athletes whether it be in bmx , skateboarding , rollerblading and I hate to say it but scootering ( or whatever they call it )  as well as a location to practice & progress .  Unfortunately the city had given up on the skate park a long time ago , they stopped maintaining the bathrooms , allowed blame to be passed to justify their actions in regard to not investing in maintaining their asset.
The Fairfield Skatepark is an iconic skatepark from its time , it was once rated Northern Californias BEST skatepark and now the city council is now pushing the idea that skatepark should go.

I am creating this petition to generate awareness on this subject considering the plans were published beginning of June and I'm just hearing about this early August I take it there are many out there like me that are going to be severely disappointed in the city for this proposal.

In May of last year I tried to propose the city invest back into their investment and create a cleaner safer park by installing shade and benches, water fountains and even suggested they maintained the bathroom they shut down years ago and re open it so the park would be more sanitary. They suggested I get the local park goers together and maintain the park ourselves. Although I thought this was unprofessional I went through with trying to setup regular garbage pickup and suggested installation of in place trash and recycling units.
Harry Price the mayor of Fairfield wasted a bunch of time acting like he was supportive of the park and suggesting that if things changed at the park we could be upgraded from  animals to citizens (my words not his) in his and the city councils eyes to no avail. I'd really appreciate it if you are against the demolition of the Allan Witt Skatepark in Fairfield , CA to sign and share this petition. Fairfield has nothing to gain from it being destroyed and that reason alone should be enough to keep it where it stands to day. Thanks

I'd like to point out how the city would have you believe the skate park patrons are thugs and criminals but take a look at this video of a LITTLE LEAGUE COACH AND HIS KIDS THREATEN MY LIFE OVER A BROKEN WINDSHIELD. ask your self do we really need more of this type of behavior around Allan Witt Park? All adding more baseball fields would do is create a more hostile confrontational environment around the park.
If you can't click that link just copy it into browser.
Do we really need more of this behavior in Fairfield?
Why is the city pushing out the Skate park a safe positive place and embracing this type of culture.
The unity and family values the skate park offers is much more wholesome than the show put on by this Little League Coach and his kids ( yes this is a baseball field right next to the skate park )

That type of rhetoric saying why more baseball fields When this coach and his kids are such awful people is the same type of nonsensical rhetoric the city council and those in charge of overseeing these drastic changes to our community apply when trying to justify getting rid of the ONLY THING USED YEAR ROUND AT ALLAN WITT PARK.

Now , I personally believe Allan Witt Park SHOULD get more baseball fields and the actions of those 3 people are not defining factors of my perception of the baseball players and their parents I am simply alluding to the fact that the skate parks perception is tainted often by misinformation and done so by people who have personal grudges against the people who go there for whatever reason they may be; and the fact of the matter is without the skatepark patrons pushing out the transients/ drug addicts /substance (doing the police officers jobs) Allan witt park would be taken over every off season for Baseball. Why? because after the little league and babe ruth baseball seasons are over THE CITY AND ITS CITIZENS who are usually quick to complain stop complaining. Why? because they don't see it any more. The Allan Witt Skatepark is what keeps Allan Witt Park a safer and cleaner place its the city and park and rec department that are not doing their job and MAINTAINING the assets essentially given to the city.


here is a biased representation of where the city thinks positive energy is coming from and where negative energy is coming from at allan witt park.
You will see that the skate park has two red circles implying these are negative energy generator locations  . note they are against the wall of the concession stand the city stopped caring about a decade ago and the stair set of the skate park. The wall is the only place for shade at the park since the city cut down the only shade trees near by so police could harass kids easier. The stair set is where many people sit and hang out at in between skate / bike sessions this is because there is only one bench at the park . there was two but the citys workers over torqued the bolts on one and it caused a pressure crack resulting in the injury of a skateboarder. the other was placed in direct sunlight despite my efforts during the installation to get ron collins a park director to direct them to put it in shade so it could be used. But they ignored me and eventually someone got tired of it being in the sun and moved it them selves into the shade where it should have been in the first place.


We should get rid through process of ELECTION those on the board and those put in place who are negatively portraying people to get what they want ( has anyone asked where the money is going to come from? ) I want to say someones gotta be getting paid under the table to push these plans and get them through their motions without much if any public notice. How else and why else push the issue on ridding the city and the Allan Witt Park of the only thing used year round and OPEN TO ANYBODY not just those who can afford it.

I've seen it many times and I've helped many times those who wanted to learn to skateboard kids / adults alike that couldnt afford it or their parents couldnt afford it , and you know what we do ? We piece together boards and pads and helmets for kids because we want to see people out having fun and using the park the complete opposite of what the city is currently trying to do. Sorry for the rambling and ranting thanks for reading.


I say if the skate park is a "negative activity generator " what does that make the baseball fields where my life was threatened ? What does that make the city hall where council meetings are held?

where people conspire to destroy a place that so far over 350 people in Fairfield don't want to see go , a place where people landed their first tricks , a place where they bring their kids to practice and learn a SAFE place at that ? I think the negative activity generator is our city council board and anyone else with authority proposing getting rid of a skatepark which would only encourage extreme sports athletes to go back to grinding benches down town in front of business' , skateboarding on the street where they can be hit by cars. They obviously don't care about the safety of their citizens and if they do they only seem to care about those wealthy enough to play in league sports.

People of Fairfield don't let them take away our park. Sign this petition share it on all platforms of social media and most importantly write/call the city officials you elected and let them know that this is NOT what you elected them to DO.

Harry Price : Mayor
Term expires: November 2018
Phone: 707.428.7395 or 707.422.4455
Email address:

Chuck Timm : Vice Mayor
Phone: 707.428.7402
Email address:

Pam Bertani City Council
Phone: 707.628.6974
Email address:

Cathrine Moy City Council
Phone: 707.639.0500
Email address:

Rick Vacaro City Council
Phone: 707.249.3533
Email address:

Parks and rec.

Ann Mottola
P: (707) 428-7465

Laura Douglass
Business Manager
P: (707) 428-7420



General Planning and Zoning Information
P: (707) 428-7461

Amy Kreimeier
Assistant Planner
P: (707) 428-7450

April Wooden
Contract Planner
P: (707) 428-7578

Brian Miller
Associate Planner
P: (707) 428-7446

Dave Feinstein
Planning Manager
P: (707) 428-7448

Jonathan Atkinson
Associate Planner
P: (707) 428-7387

Meily Sheehan
Associate Planner
P: (707) 428-7474



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