A fair retrial.

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My boyfriend and two others Tony and lee have been wrongly accused of a crime by a known informant. WINCH.  This informant has NOT confessed to ALL of his crime and the crimes he has confessed to have NOT been investigated. He has lied in a few of his statements and they haven’t been looked into. Until this happens others should not be charged or sentenced based on his words. How can we trust a liar to tell us about an event he was not present at? 

My boyfriend lee and two friends Tony and lee are now looking at lengthy sentences after being wrongly charged. 

Lee was not charged based on evidence. He was charged based on a word of a man who has not been charged for all of his own crimes. 

winch was NOT there at the night of the alledged crime. He said he overhead a conversation. The night of the alleged crime winch have a different version of events to the police actual evidence being brought forward by experts yet the judge was happy enough to deem him credible. At court others were willing to come forward to say what really happened that night, people who were actually there, even the man who the crime happened to was willing to come forward to say it wasn’t them and they were knocked back by the judge who knows the informant very well! She has done 3 trials so far and she has over ruled a lot of things because she’s knows what the informant is like. If he avoided a question she would say ‘well he does just rant that’s what he’s like’


We need to get enough signatures so the CPS investigate the informant before charging others and the lads can get a FAIR RETRIAL. 

Lee and his friends NEED a retrial with a FAIR judge and FAIR evidence. 

There is more trials coming up in the future with winch as the main witness. If we do not make a change now more familys will be split up and more innocent people having there lives ripped away from them.

If you know anyone in jail, who has been wrongly accused, who has been charged for no reason or you just think for a second that if you put yourself in my shoes if your partner was about to go to jail for something they haven’t done please please sign this petition i could make a massive difference. 

We need justice for these lads. 

Thank you. 

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