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Urge Facebook to ban the sale of all animals & "free to a good home" posts/groups/pages.

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Every minute of every hour shelters around the world are struggling to keep ahead of the overwhelming need to care for unwanted and abandoned animals. Every day Facebook newsfeeds are inundated with pleas for animals in dire need of loving homes, and it is on the increase, as there simply aren't enough homes to fulfil all those needs. 

We have to urge and pressure Facebook to review their policies allowing the sale of animals in groups, pages and individual profiles. Besides the desperate issue of shelters and animal rescues worldwide, we also have illegal traffickers using Facebook as a platform to sell wildlife and exotic animals. 

Allowing the sale of animals on Facebook simply perpetuates the egregious "industry" of puppy mills, it also directly feeds the dog fighting rings around the world. 

Here is a list of the few things that can happen to "Free to a good home" animals: 

-Used to “live train” fighting dogs, and bait or fighting dogs themselves. 
-Sold at flea markets or auctions to anybody who happens along. 
-Sold to a Class-B Dealer who then resells the animal to a research facility. People who practice the despicable act of rounding up strays to sell them are referred to as “bunchers.” At the research facility, the animal may suffer abuse and most likely will be euthanised after they are finished with their testing.
-Used for breeding stock in a puppy mill. 
-Used as live food or bait for exotics like snakes or alligators.

"Free to a good home" doesn't allow for home checks or to verify that the person who "takes" the animal is competent and/or prepared to care for the animal. And those are the more favourable outcomes, compared to the horrors that veterinarians and shelters deal with daily. 

"Free to a good home" animals can become target practise or victims of psychopaths by being abused and tortured to death. 

Selling animals online doesn't allow for a guarantee that the animal will be sterilised, looked after, not used for breeding, not abandoned or surrendered to a shelter, or literally dumped in the trash. 

Shelters and animal rescues around the world are constantly facing the repercussions of animal breeding, we need to #Emptythecages and #adoptdontshop 

Please sign and share as widely as possible. 

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