Stop The Incitement Against Sarah Tuttle-Singer

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Sarah Tuttle-Singer is a voice of reason, moderation, and empathy within the landscape of Israeli society. As a blogger (and the new media editor) for the Times of Israel, she beautifully celebrates peace, justice, and progress within Israeli politics and culture while rightly criticizing racism, violence (on both sides) and the Occupation of the Palestinian people. Of course not everyone will appreciate her words and beliefs. There are plenty of people who will argue with her. She welcomes argument and difference in opinion with open arms. However, there are some who outright incite against her. They'll purposely comment very nasty, bigoted, and violent things on her posts, create separate FB sites whose sole purpose is to spread lies and hate against her, and others will directly threaten her. These individuals are usually extreme right wing voices from Canada, the US, and Australia - keyboard uberZionists who will use dangerous words and phrases such as "traitor" and "enemy of the Jewish people (or Israel)" to describe Sarah. There are others, including radio/internet/tv personalities in Israel herself who use their platforms to directly incite their followers against Sarah. 

It is time for Facebook (and other social media platforms) to stop the incitement, harassment, and threats against Sarah Tuttle-Singer. Freedom of speech is important,  but incitement against individuals is a crime.