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Stop the Illegal Breeding and Selling of Animals on Social Media Platforms

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It's no secret that the Central Valley has a canine over population problem. Rescue shelters across the Central Valley are full, the CCSPCA is unable to keep up with the high volume of calls that come in daily, horrific abuse and neglect of animals happen on a regular basis, as well as the abandonment of what used to be the "family pet". Advocates, rescuers, volunteers, and foster families from all over the Central Valley network and work together relentlessly trying to make a difference. The Animal Advocates of the Central Valley are dedicated to giving our four-legged friend's a voice! We educate, inform, provide assistance, and promote spaying and neutering, often out of our own pockets. 

Unfortunately, all of these efforts are negated due to the high number of illegal backyard breeding and other pet-for-profit practices currently going on in the Central Valley. Unlicensed breeders breeding solely for profit with absolutely no regard for the animals. Puppies born with defects are tossed out like trash because they can't turn a profit. Family pets being stolen, abandoned, or posted on Craigslist for "free" only to be sold for profit, or used as "bait".

These illegal breeders and dog flippers need to be shut down on all social media platforms immediately! They use websites like Craigslist, Fresnobackpage, and Facebook to advertise their illegal enterprise, as well as apps such as Offerup or Letgo. The problem has gotten out of control and it doesn't have to be. PLEASE, the Animal Advocates of the Central Valley desperately need your help in fighting this on-going battle of over breeding It should be a privilege to own and care for a pet, instead they are being used and overbred for profit. Resulting in horrific acts of abuse, neglect, and death. 

Just recently we saw what happened at a Shelter in Orange Cove. That horrific coverage you saw on the news is a result of overbreeding. We urge you to sign this petition, asking social media to stop being a platform for these illegal and abusive enterprises being committed on our four-legged friends.

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