Stop Facebook's abuse towards certain genders.

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Yashdeep Kanhai, who identifies as an Apache Attack Helicopter, was banned by facebook because of their gender.
This person was repeatedly abused by facebook because of their gender preference.

  1. Facebook blocked them for 3 days over nothing. A video was posted by them 10 months ago from their page namely 8Memes. The page was shortly removed afterwards as it was merged with another page named Bernie Sander's Dank Meme Stash and hence all content of 8Memes including that video was removed. But still facebook banned them for copyright infringement on that video. And didn't even budge even after numerous complaints from the person because of thier gender.
  2. Now again they got a 30 day block again from facebook because of a picture of saying N_GGERS (this was from the south park's wheel of fortune in which the complete word was NAGGERS). This was not a violation of facebook community standards despite that facebook blocked them again.
  3. Disappointed by this action of facebook Yashdeep Kanhai uploaded their Story to the help community of facebook's support team who don't seem to help them.
  4. They had to make another account and switch their gender to "Male" so that facebook doesn't abuse them.

As it can be seen from their complaint on facebook, they didn't do anything wrong. Facebook should provide equal rights to all genders. This has revealed the disgusting side of facebook. We should help Yashdeep Kanhai to fight against the despotic action of facebook and stop them.