Stop Facebook from running political advertisements that are not fact-checked.

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On 9 Jan 2020, Facebook once again announced that it will not fact-check advertisements run by politicians or political organizations, instead taking a less disciplined stance of allowing people to limit which advertisements they are seeing. The year is 2020, and social media is a majour component and power platform for politicians, not just in the United States, but abroad as well.

This is a blatant monetary decision based on revenue income under the guise of free speech. As a company, Facebook has the ability to ensure its platform is used to enhance discussions, open healthy channels for debate and bring the truth to the community members who use their service daily. 

Facebook has the revenue to ensure that advertisements are fact-checked and accurate before they are ran. This gives the public the ability to consume honest, straight-forward ads as opposed to smear campaigns and disinformation attempts. They simply do not want to take a hit to their overall income by declining advertisement revenue due to holding politicians accountable. This is not a luxury, this is a responsibility that they have.

Lawmakers agree - attempting to pass "The Honest Ads Act" but the public has a stronger pull as some current sitting lawmakers would rather continue to use the platform for disinformation. 

Sign the petition and tell Facebook to hold our representatives accountable to the truth.