Stop Dog Abuse Videos on Facebook

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People are sick and tired of seeing these animal abuse videos shared so freely on Facebook.  They have the illusion of trying to affect change on animal abuse and the notion that everyone should go after the people in the video.  The majority of the videos have no verifiable source and are taken in third world countries with no recourse against the abusers.  Facebook routinely blocks, bans, hides, or removes acts of violence against humans every second of every day.  Facebook bans people who share their beliefs in a violent way or people who practice in hate speech.  So why are acts of violence against helpless animals allowed to be shared freely with no control?   We the people do not want to be subjected to a dog being beaten to death with a wooden board or burned alive with a blow torch!  Facebook touts it’s humanitarian ethics and it’s dedication to stopping hate, yet they continue to allow these terrible acts of animal torture to be splashed across the public’s newsfeed on a hourly basis.  We want these removed and the people who share them banned. Just as they’d ban someone for any other violent comments or hate speech.  

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