Save Our School From Star Academies - Please Sign!

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Star Academies are ruining our school. We need them out!!

we are a group of very concerned parents and members of the local community.

this school is being deliberately run down in standards and stripped of assets, taking our children’s education for granted.

35 teachers have left or been made redundant since Tauheedal Trust took over a year ago. The headmaster has left in the last 2 weeks and the acting head is in the process of leaving and that post being advertised.

The IT department has been vastly reduced and a large amount of options and choices, that give young people aspirations, have been removed from the curriculum.

A 75% reduction in 6th Form intake after deliberately not advertising it. Why? Close it down?

Tauheedal Trust are a Blackburn based group of Academies. How can they possibly make good choices for local children when they are a very detached, profit making organisation?

where is the money from these cuts going? Not into Star Academies (Heysham High) that’s for sure!

if their plan is to run down and close this very important part of the local community, where will all those children go to school?

We want them out!!

Please show your support and sign