Remove Paul Watson From #SocialMedia for his Terrorism!

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Paul Watson, the Captain of the Steve Irwin under Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and also a Founder of #Greenpeace is known for #terrorism and #pirating (research him). He is known to sink vessels, and his #violent actions can be viewed on "Whale Wars." His violent tactics are so extreme that Greenpeace, the organization that he founded, expelled him for this very reason.

Now, Paul Watson has been cyber attacking a 16-year old Chris Apassingok in Gambell, #Alaska. Chris is a Siberian Yupik on a remote island. This island does not have Western customs that the majority of the U.S. is accustomed to (grocery store, post office, etc) but they do have a rich culture and tradition that has sustained their people for thousands of years! The heritage includes a whale harvest. Last week, Chris did what he could for his community of 680, he harpooned and harvested a bowhead whale. This act is not illegal in the U.S. nor Internationally, unlike Paul Watson's acts of terrorism. Because of Chris' harvest his community has food to eat.

The bowhead whale, along as other marine mammals are multiple times more nutritious than salads - salads full of vegetables that can't grow in the harsh environment that he lives in. Because of Chris, the 680 Siberian Yupik people can eat. But Paul Watson actions are advocating for people, who cannot relate to the Yupik culture, to act violently toward the 16 year old and his community.

I know what it is like to be raised in a remote community that relies on subsistence #whaling - I am from the #Inupiaq community, #Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska. My favorite food is maktak, ask my family. I would not want to be terrorized over my culture and would like to at least end the attacks on Chris.

So, I ask you to please sign this petition to end the cyber bullying against a 16-year old.