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Remove Jillian Mai Thi's Deadly Protocol Group from Facebook

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The Mai Thi Protocol employs the use of a excessively high sodium pseudo-ferment that poses significant health risks to users, due to catastrophically high levels of sodium. This protocol is advertised as a cure all for every condition (including down syndrome) and its use is encouraged in especially vulnerable populations (elderly, immunocompromised, cancer patients, infants, children, etc) with absolutely no scientific information supporting use.

This protocol, despite the dangers, has grown a following of over 30,000 members; all of which are excited to try this cure-all, despite the significant risks to their health. Participants are harming themselves, their children, and their families in an attempt to "heal" themselves of ailments using Jillian's Mai Thi protocol. When adverse effects (and even deaths) are reported, Jillian removes and blocks the individuals making the complaints, thus making it impossible for new recruits to see the damage that has been done to others at the hands of Jillian's protocol.

We do not know why she has been able to garner such a following, however, her claims of a cure are false, and her protocol has potentially lethal effects, especially so in children and babies. Jillian Mai Thi relies heavily on Facebook to spread her message and promote her protocol. She has no website and her book publishing deal fell through. If Facebook removes her group and page, we will prevent thousands of individuals from falling victim to her potentially lethal scam.

For more information on the dangers of Jillian's protocol, please visit "When Alternative Medicine Goes Too Far - The Jillian Mai Thi Protocol"


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