Reinstate Kate Kretz’s Facebook

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Kate Kretz was banned on Facebook for her Artwork using MANGA hats. Facebook decided she was violating community standards with Hate Speech. That is ironic.

It is important for Artists who we agree or disagree with to be able to show their work. Many make their living via social media platforms. Not only is this an issue of artistic freedom but of livelihood.  

From Kretz’s Medium article “As artists look for new paradigms to cultivate audiences for our work, we gravitate towards platforms like Facebook. Many artists are introverts, or suffer from social anxiety. For them, social media is a godsend, because they can share what they make without awkward personal interactions and dreaded small talk. (Someone like Van Gogh, for example, would have loved it.) I’m an artist living outside of NYC, with a teaching job, a compulsive studio practice, and a child, so I rarely have time to socialize. I post on Instagram, despite the fact that I find the calculated branding, slickness and “following” games off putting, but most of my social media time is spent on Facebook. I like the longer conversational format, the ability to post multiple images / albums, and the opportunity to trade pictures and links back and forth in extended conversations. It’s become my primary source of social interaction with my peers, and my art career “distribution center”.”

you can read the rest of her article here