Restore Facebook’s 3D GLB Posting Feature

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Hello Facebook users and developers, As of a few days ago, Facebook has decided to depreciate the ability for users to post 3D ‘.glb’ objects.

This decision is greatly detrimental to businesses and pages that heavily rely on the 3D posting feature such as:


The ability to post 3D objects gives marketers, business owners, and artists creative freedom and expression. Users gain an immersive and personal experience when they view the 3D content from various angles. This type of content paves the way for future development in all areas of the IT industry such as VR, marketing, creative design, architecture, infographics, memes, and many more. The surface hasn’t even been scratched yet.

3D object posts has the potential for huge viral success. Here are some examples of posts with a large amount of shares:


Please consider restoring the 3D feature to Facebook as there is still so much potential with this powerful new form of media you have gifted us.

On behalf of all of us 3D content creators, thank you for hearing us out.