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Put a "Facepalm" Reaction Button on Facebook

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In today's world of crazy news, stories, and stupidity, we need a "Facepalm" button. There are many things in our news feed where the only suitable reaction is to put your head in your hands and wonder how we got here. 

To paraphrase Lewis Black, when speaking of a woman who without her horse would have never spent that year in college, an aneurysm can be caused when something stupid gets stuck in your head and can't get out. In today's world though, it always gets out, and it does so on Facebook. Facebook has become our way of sharing and discussing the things that seem to be too stupid to be reality, and a Facepalm button is the only appropriate response to these moments.

I recognize that too many emoji's will clutter up reactions, but I believe the Facepalm reaction will be used just as often as most if not all of the other current buttons. Facebook, we need this button. It's important. It provides a way to properly react to the onslaught of dumb that we see every day. It can prevent aneurysms. Help us prevent aneurysms. Help us express our emotional responses to the news we come in contact with every day.

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