Facebook: Please address your seemingly indiscriminatory and harmful reporting system!

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Facebook: Please address your seemingly indiscriminatory and harmful reporting system!

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The MP Alliance started this petition to Mike Schroepfer and

"Session Expired. Please log in again."

If you are reading this petition, it is likely that either you or someone you know has received this message while using Facebook. Typically what follows is a message alerting you to content on your page or profile that has been removed by Facebook for various reasons, along with the image or status in question.

This petition and the undersigned are not calling into question instances in which a clear violation of Facebook Community Standards has occurred, such as:

  • Images containing sexually explicit content or gore,
  • Status updates containing racist and/or hateful language which target any group of people for their religion, sexual orientation or other personal reasons,
  • or Content clearly posted to harass an individual or group of individuals with the intent to cause damage or harm to their character or cause.

Our concern is the rampant and unreasonable removal of content which is not in any clear violation of any known Facebook Community Standards and appears to many to be the result of improperly functioning automated systems or processes carried out by humans with little to no oversight.

This often results in harmless content being removed and its purveyors being punished while harmful content remains in plain view of potentially billions of users with no repercussion.

This is a collection of screenshots of content removed by Facebook under the guise of protecting their community standards. Some depict the punishment individuals received (the most common punishment is a post block for x amount of days which prevents users from posting, liking, or basically doing anything with the service).

However, if a page or an individual is subjected to enough of these reports, their accounts or pages can be permanently disabled or pages unpublished forever. The implications of this aren't readily apparent to those of us who haven't experienced this, but consider this: if your personal Facebook account were to be permanently disabled tomorrow, what sort of impact would it have on your life? 

To page owners: If your page were to be permanently unpublished tomorrow, what sort of impact would it have on your life? Without some serendipitous occurrence, it generally takes months or years to develop a successful page. The time and effort invested in these pages can be made useless in moments; the fruit of the labor of admins turned hastily into a pile of ash, never again to be whole.

This story lists a large collection of Facebook pages, totaling well over 3 million likes, who have joined together in an effort to combat this often harmful reporting system. Since this story was posted on August 12, ten days ago, three of these pages have been unpublished - pages totaling nearly 1 million likes.

Facebook: your system is harmfully flawed and the result of unpublishing these and other pages has undeniably resulted in real, tangible psychological distress for the owners/admins of these pages and a loss of revenue for your company due to the shortened amount of time the fans and followers of these pages are spending on your site.


The undersigned  

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This petition had 491 supporters