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Petitioning Face Book to allow Debra Lynn Saplak to have her personal page back.

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Debra Lynn Saplak has several FB pages focusing on Boston Terriers, her many BT's and their wonderful antics. Recently she has started a non-profit organization in the memory of her Lil D, one of her Boston Terriers who suddenly passed away, a month after her eldest dog, Gussy, passed.  This non-profit was created to help pets, and pet owners who are not able to afford veterinary cost.  To date she has raise close to $5000 and these funds have helped several pets with surgeries.  

Debra was approach by a lady on FB to received a free Boston Terrier puppy, but in the conversation many red flags were raise to question the legitimacy of this offer and the care of the puppies.  If there is one thing, Debra will not tolerate any abuse of animals or any harassment for what she believes and stands for.  Upon questioning this lady who was offering the free puppy, she was blocked, and then reported.  Question here - if this lady was legit, then why did she block Debra and then turn around and report her to FB?  Makes you think.....

When she started her fund raising campaign #Pawitforward4D several attacked her and reported her saying she isn't legit and her fund raising was a scam.  Which none of this is true.  I have personally supported #Pawitforward4D. She isn't doing this for any personal gain, but to keep lil D's memory alive, and to share the love for her pets.  

Currently she has lost her Personal page, and her business page where she sells dog toys and clothing and profits go to charity. Many might say she can start a new page, and sure she can if it were that simple.  With her original personal page is all her pictures and memories.  Many will especially know the adventures of Brinny the Bratty Boston video's and know the great loss here.  The photo is of Brinny above. 

Ok, yes this is just a FB page, but it's more then that.  It's memories, friendships, and a commitment one woman has given to her pets and the pet community, and has allowed many others to share as well.  Many will share their testimony of their love and hope of pets Debra has shared through her FB pages, especially when they have lost their pets.  Many military vets with PTSD has shared how her venue has helped them to just get through 'a' day.  

We are appealing to FB to understand, that in all this drama, it is just drama of some people who are jealous, bore, and envious.  Please sign our petition to help Debra Lynn, Jeff, and her family to get her pages back.  

Please Check them out...Facebook Page 

The House of Terriers - 

Brinny the Bratty Bostie and Crue  - @vipb

The BAD Crew boys  - @littled.diesel

The Bad Crew Company - @thebadcrewcompany

pawitforward4D - @pawitforward4D


Respectfully Submitted, and seeking support - House of Terriers member

Julie A. Armbrister 

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