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Need our photos/posts back

Dear Facebook,

We represent the group of Facebook users also owners of a Windows Phone and users of at least one the following Facebook apps: Social Scout (306100212828962) and Windows Phone Plugin (496999517009600).

We exactly don't know the reasons why these two useful apps were recently disabled by Facebook, but that decision has caused something devastating for us: all the posts, check-ins and photos made through these apps are now gone. This is a huge amount of moments and memories shared throughout months. Shared with the desire to persist online over time and be there for us and any of our friends to see them.

We trusted Facebook and trusted these apps, which are not evil at all. We do trust JDB Pocketware software as being a serious app developer for the Windows Phone platform. These apps allowed us to post photos in a very easy way and check-in very easily by using our Windows Phones.

We hope you can allow us to have our photos back, along with the comments, likes, places and tags we and others put to them.

Thank you,
Your users

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