Legalization of Roleplay profiles on Facebook

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Roleplaying (the personification of famous persons or characters from TV shows or anime/manga shows) is an important hobby to a lot of people. It's like a part of their life, because roleplayers identify themselves with the character they are roleplaying, also called their 'muse'. Many people are roleplaying on Facebook, which is not really legal yet and as a consequence, Facebook deletes fake profiles and roleplay accounts without a warning. The solution would be, that Facebook allows roleplayers to enjoy their hobbies, like it allows artists, musicans and also YouTubers to enjoy their hobbies. We want to show Facebook what a giant network we are! Help us, so everyone can enjoy their hobbies.

Perhaps adding a tick box to Roleplay profiles could help?

'Fictional profile' / 'RPG profile' , how does that sound?
It can be thát easy!

Please don't take our hobby away from us.