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Homophobic Cyberbullying Injustice

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My name is Dylan Cornell and I am a gay eighteen year old male. All my life I have faced bullying ever since the early age of five as I fought my battle with bacterial meningitis and how it affected the appearance of my legs. I am no stranger to bullying but recently, my sexuality has become such a big issue to some. People who have graduated a year before me (2016) have taken pictures from my social media and quoted "TBH this is the type of gay that needs to be eliminated" and goes on to hashtag "god hates fags" "only this type", as if it weren't enough that these people were making homophobic/bigoted comments to me, they had to generalize me as a stereotype. I had gotten the police involved and they did nothing. Some time went by and then another post against me came to the surface. This time they took a picture of me from my social media posing with it from their phone and in the comments making threatening comments that suggest making a catfish profile, asking me to go on a date then tying me up and threatening my life. This time the police told me "I don't see anything criminal about this." They tried justifying these posts with the freedom of speech. But there is a difference between freedom of speech and a hate speech. 

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