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My labor of love support account, @seriouslyscarlett has been wrongfully disabled on April 26 (yes, the day of Endgame's release). For many years, I created a body of art and my own life on there. It consisted of photos, graphic edits, video edits, memories, and more, in which I have poured my heart and soul into each one at least 12 hours a day for half a decade. While I made my art, I supported my muse, Scarlett Johansson. She has no social media and I took it upon myself to tone down the sexual objectification that is put upon her and hopefully inform the general public about her self as a person and humanitarian/political actions. I even made sure I ran the account the way she would approve: no paparazzi photos, no photos of her daughter, no mention of her personal whereabouts, etc. To be even more extra, I took the time to block rude/inappropriate comments to make it a safe environment and maintain good vibes.

Yes, it may just be another fan trying to get their account back, but all my time, hard work, creativity, inspiration, and love had gone down the drain, along with the community of 370,000+ I was able to bring together who loved Scarlett and my artwork.

In addition, the page description, it clearly states that Scarlett has NO social media and that it is a creative page. It is a non-profit account that properly credits the owners. Even though I had accumulated so many followers, I pledged myself to not do ads or any promotions of any kind. I didn't want to lose the sole purpose of my account. I focused on my art and supporting Scarlett. Throughout the years, I had gained contact with those who work with Scarlett and created contacts I would not have had if it weren't for this account. It even got me jobs because they were impressed by how committed I was to my craft, and morality.

For examples of how I portray Scarlett as a FAN and use my creativity and talent, please refer some of these videos below:

Facebook/Instagram, I turn this upon you. Many fan accounts are being deleted every day. Not just mine. Please help me retrieve my labor of love as soon as possible.

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