Facebook Should Review Unethical Behaviors of Haley Woods of Girls LOVE Travel

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Haley Woods, creator of Girls LOVE Travel, is profiting off of unethical business practices in her female travel group on Facebook.

She has silenced and attempted to erase evidence of her taking advantage of her moderator team and members for personal financial gain through but not limited to Facebook events and meet ups.

She has stolen from business partners and unpaid employees, thrived on a complete lack of clarity in financial aspects of the group, encouraged group bullying and doxxing of members and/or partners while often times providing false information and backstory to rationalize these requests.

She uses her numbers to back her in attempts to threaten anyone who disagrees with her methods, and has attempted to damage jobs and/or career opportunities of those who speak out against her.

She has a strong history of encouraging racial segregation and tensions through the group, victim shaming women who have experienced assault, and attempting to monopolize the female travel community on Facebook by spreading untrue information on what she considers threatening and competing groups. She actively 
threatens removal of members and forcefully removes them if they participate in any other, similar groups. 

There are many who have been on the receiving end of this treatment who have been silenced. She twists the plethora of positives of a strong, female community for her personal gain, stepping on the heads of everyone who has helped her get to this point.

That is not a leadership. It’s not community, it’s not inclusivity, it’s not equality nor equity. What it is is unethical at the very least and she should not be allowed to profit from these problematic behaviors and business practices, much less be considered for a leadership opportunity which includes a significant monetary award.

This petition is created to bring hidden truths to light and let Facebook decide if they wish to allow this problematic business model to continue on their platform.

Please sign this petition to encourage Facebook to cut ties with and review this unethical behavior. You're welcome to share factual information, personal experiences, or photo evidence of but not limited to highlighted behaviors mentioned above. This means you are free to share other problematic behaviors or practices not included in this briefing. This is not a place for name calling, inaccurate information, or insults as we do not value or stand for slander or falsified information.

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