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Get FB to involve authorities on animal abuse and update policies on posting these crimes.

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It is too often that when I check my facebook, someone posts or shares content wether in the form of video, image, etc. of animal abuse. I have tried to report it multiple times but facebook takes no action on the perpetrators. They have some choices like abuse, dugs, etc but NONE for animal abuse. And I'm not the only one, hundreds of other people all across the globe have tried to get Facebook to take down said posts but don't because apparently it doesn't violate any policy. All of my pets are strays I took in and it breaks my heart to even think some pets aren't that lucky. Where I live, animal abuse is now a felony, but the ones who arent caught still avidly post ofbthese atrocities on Facebook. It is not right and I will not just sit here and watch our beloved pets or strays die. It is about time we do something about it, Facebook has to update and persue police involvement where it is just. Our pets deserve it.

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