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Set Jeremy Putman Free

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On Friday March 24th, Jeremy Putman was arrested for only taking pictures with kids who only wanted to have a photo with The Joker. He was charged with what is considered a class 6 felony under law of The Commonwealth of Virginia, only for wearing face paint. He committed no crime other than what they consider hiding his identity. His charge holds up to 5 years in state prison although it is non-violent and he was only dressed as The Joker for photography purposes. The police also made falsified statements regarding Jeremy wielding a sword, which was later found to only be his cane

Jeremy was holding a great employment opportunity until the time of his arrest. His coworkers say he is a very reliable person and shows up every day. He is a local artist and enjoys helping the elderly as well as many others in his community. Everyone who knows him says they are just shocked that this would happen to a person that contributes so much to their community.

We ask that you call and voice your opinion on behalf of Jeremy to speak about this miscarriage of justice and why they should not prosecute this case. The phone number of the court clerk handling his case is (540) 722-7208 and the number for the prosecutor is (540) 665-6369. Please remember to be polite when you call and if they do not answer remember to leave a message. Also feel free to remind them that this law violates our 1st and 4th Amendment Rights for freedom of expression/speech as well as our right to privacy if one wants to cover ones face for whatever reason.

Lastly, although they have this law he did not have intent to conceal his true identity although his face was covered. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him. His friends also have a gofundme page for him towards purposes of bail and a decent attorney for the case. Right now we just ask you sign the petition below and call PLEASE!!!

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