Facebook to shut down "Bullying" Hub "Axamonitor

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This group is a breeding ground for the Harassment, bullying and hate towards Alec Peters and Axanar and ANYONE associated or supporting of Axanar.
This page encourages this behavior on a daily basis which has lead to the creation of hate pages, encouraging members to break multiple laws, stalking of families of those associated or publicly supporting Axanar.
With no conscious or decency, many will harass, stalk with no regard to peoples families, even to the point where they constantly phone and scare an individuals family including a young child.
This has to stop.
Please support this and we can get Facebook to change this as many reported and proven fraudulent or Bullying posts and comments are going unchecked and unchallenged by Facebook.
Lets put a stop to this unacceptable behavior. 

example of just one of their stalking and bullying.