Facebook, temporarily stop muting live streams during COVID-19 pandemic

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At this unprecedented time, the music industry finds itself in a truly scary position. Revenue streams have been cut left right and centre as venues close across the world to make sure we are all safe and protected as much as possible from the threat of COVID-19. To combat this, many artists, particularly DJs, have found themselves live streaming for the first time in an effort to connect with people and to share some positivity in what would be otherwise very dark and confusing times for many people. Automated copyright systems are in place to mute or even cancel live streams when copyrighted material is detected, to protect the original artist and the record label. In this extremely unusual situation we find ourselves in, I’m asking for Facebook and the record labels it works with to be lenient and disable this technology so that people can live stream without interruption, in an effort to bring joy to people whilst on lockdown or in self isolation and to help secure a future for these artists beyond this pandemic.