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Delete John Best's two pages listed below and ban him from Facebook.

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Hate speech against the Autistic Spectrum is at an all time high, in particular by John Best Junior on his two pages "Cure Asperger's, Save Children from Ari Ne'eman" and "The Truth About Autism". He is demanding that it be cured and that a cure already exists, when it doesn't and claiming that it does and blaming it on Sandy Hook as well as calling Aspies "frauds" is hate to a high level and undermines understanding and acceptance of the condition as not all world bad. Facebook has a policy against hate speech, but they are refusing to uphold this policy due to believing that Mr Best is presenting a "new idea" for public consumption. He isn't. His hate is all over the page and no matter what he does with the name of the page (it was originally named "Cure Aspergers, Save Children from Psycho Killers) the content remains the same with the same aim. Mr Best is lying, he is hurting the Autistic Community with his lies, and his hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment - particularly as he is in effect defaming the Autistic Spectrum and everyone who either has the condition or is caring for a person with the condition. This has to stop, and stop now. Mr Best must be thrown off Facebook and kept off for his hate, lies and libel/slander.

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