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Facebook: Create a cyberbullying button to report & remove cyberbullying posts immediately before reviewing.

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Leah MacBain, 17, and myself, Allie Jewers, 19, are summer students at the Sheet Harbour Sexual Health Centre. We live in a small town and have seen cyberbullying's effects. We decided to make this petition because we felt someone had to do something before anyone else was hurt or affected by cyberbullying.

There's no option for bullying when reporting bullying on Facebook. Our idea in creating a cyberbullying button is that if you see someone bullying another on Facebook, you can simply just click report, click the cyber-bullying option and then it will immediately be deleted. As of now, if you don’t like the post or it is about you or a friend, Facebook only gives you the option to message them, unfriend them or block them. Most people aren’t brave enough to send a message, and if you unfriend them, everyone else can still see the post. The only way you can really report a post to Facebook is if it is sexually explicit, violent, hate speech (direct towards religion, race, gender, orientation or disease) or spam. Cyber-bullying doesn’t have to be any of these things.

   After you report something to Facebook, they review it and then decide if it actually needs to be deleted. We think it is important that the post be deleted immediately. We do not mean for this to be for deleting something you just don't like. We understand that people will try and abuse this option, but we think that is worth the risk if just one person doesn’t have to deal with being bullied online. Also, after it is reported and deleted, Facebook can review the post and decide if it is actually bullying. If it is, the post will stay deleted, but if it is not, and someone was just abusing the option, Facebook can grant the person the right to post it again. Right now, Facebook has to review it and then it MAY be deleted. If it takes them 5 hours to review it, everyone will have already seen it and the damage will have been done to the person’s feelings and reputation so there is hardly any reason to delete the post.

In the past we've tried to report and remove violent videos and mean or threatening posts against others, sadly, Facebook let us know that it did not meet their standards. Videos and posts like these cannot be left on Facebook. This petition is to protect others by creating a precaution that we hope others won't need. We have to start somewhere, so we're dreaming big. We've seen the effects of cyberbullying and we hope this will allow everyone to stop scrolling by and take a stand.

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